Monday, 31 October 2011

“ A Toast to the Purest Form of Love”, a Lesbian Love

I watched their car with tins banging the road disappear, and a note white paint writings that read Just Married, growing fainter. They were on their way to a honeymoon, in Mpumalanga. The two had just begotten married. My heart is filled with joy. The two deserve each other, I have not seen people, humans who glow with each other’s presence the way the two did. The difference is they are lesbians and they are getting married in South Africa.
My country is the best country when it comes to the best constitution in the world. All people are equal in front of the law, all race, gender and creed are respected for who they are. And in her mind, she planned to do right with her. She loved her dearly. She has been there with her for the past three years, and there was nothing that stops them from formalizing their relationship rather than marriage. They both were ready to leap.

She discovered that she is a lesbian when she was ten years, at the playfield. Our socialization was reinforced through role playing. Thandi was always the boy who fetched wood, and when we played the weddings Thandi was the groom. I liked how she looked in her waist coat and pants and borrowed men’s shoes. Always with short hair. Her mother sometimes called her the boy she never had. After all she had the handsome father features.  It was not a surprise when she eventually told her mother that she is looking for a partner, she will bring umakoti(Bride) to the family.

And she brought her girlfriend for the first time to her home during varsity holidays. Her mother cried when   the partner left. She said her daughter is doing the very impossible, unimaginable that thing that is  to fall for a woman. She was never prepared for her daughter to bring a woman instead of a man. She also assumed that Thandi will never have kids. She daydreamt about grandchildren. They were beautiful together, Thuli makes her happy. And glows each time she mentions her name.
 We all congregated at the Home Affairs, in the morning. I felt truly honored to be part of a journey of two souls to be connected into their next journey of being  I was invited as a witness.  They both wore cream white satin suites, Thuli had a flower on her head. And pearls necklace, and stilettos. I liked her soft natural lipstick, and the sattle  make up she wore. I observed how Thandi carried her suites on her shoulders, and the pointer shoes she was wearing. She seemed ready to take the step. I did though sense her nervousness when she said her vows. Echoed as “……. I promise to love you til the end of time. My only love.” I shared a tear when they kissed on what seemed to be an eternal seal of beautiful love.

They had dinner with their close family and friends.  Uncle David decided to stand up to blessed their marriage. He said he had never seen or heard about lesbian love, nor did he think he will stand up at a wedding of his niece to tell the world that he is blessing the two. He has never seen such pure love, genuine appreciation for the other like she has seen out of the two. These is a testimony to the most purest form of love, love of two women who plan to spend the rest of their lives together.  He has never heard of it he continued,  to share.

 He said he is embracing it with the pinch of salt, and blame it on ignorance. He continued to say the signs that Thandi was a special child were there, she bought her car whilst a student working shifts as a waitress and shop attendant. She had her flat as soon as she completed varsity. In his mind he thought Thandi was well behaved, little did he know that some of the women were probably girlfriends. We all burst into laughter when he said so. He continued to wish them well and further say that thank God he had from Generations about Invintro and  babies chances of being a grand uncle are possible and he looks forward to embracing  a grandchild whose name will be Smanga( Amazing). He said we should all raise our glasses to a good drink and toast to the “Purest Form of Love. ” I gulped with a tear in my eye. And wished them well.

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