Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Orgasm: The Gift of the Moment

I think orgasm is the most animalistic incident a human being engages on. You know that humans risk their comfort to have this incident. It happens to the most conservative lot. And to the freakiest, too. It draws a lot of hormones,and energy. And it can be as quick as 3 minutes. Or a lifetime of experience that fades with time.

 I dread orgasm. I don’t look forward to it at all. Yet, it is the most rewarding feeling ever.   The feeling I would to love to encapsulate it measure it  in my  Sex Pleasure Measure Dome(SPMD). SPMD is my newly found tool used to measure sexual gratification whether it was 100% or 90% , or 40%   . Infact, I have stopped a long time ago to measure my performance  cos the purpose in connecting to your partner depends on how much pleasure she gives me.  Also the measured performance got us loosing the plot. We were forever challenged to outperform the last incident, and yet in lovemaking the intention should be to  make love cos it pleases me to make her happy, make me happy. In a way, my priority is to please her and do it at the best of my ability and stay in that moment as and when it happens.

 I read an article that said that 95% of women don’t know if they have had orgasm. I stood there wondering, have I had this exhilarating moment or have I been imagining it. In other words have I been faking it. I am sure it is possible to fake it, flow with you partner when she starts making funny noises you join in and be noisy with her and scream her name when she screams yours. Until she says a vibrating noise at the end of it you say so too. And you both are humming hmmmrrrrr hmmmmmrrrr together. And silence.  Mind you there is climax that I choose not to give glorify in this platform.  

I bought a vibrator to use on me, just to test  that I have those muscle that contract involuntary. I was amazed by the sensation I felt in my vaginal area. It left me smiling. I was however disappointed that it lack human character even if I had given it a name as Pinkie cos it was pink. I also  did not like that my orgasm escaped me. But it prepared me for any opportunity knowing that I have faked it, until I have perfected my moment.

Well, I define orgasm,  when love making as your journey of being into another realm, where souls are intertwined and spiral into oneness that interflows into the universe. And that happens for less done a minute or so and stays with you for a long time the after. The art is learning to create a built up that will get you to have the best moment. It is this feeling start way before the real incident, as special if your partner is able to converse with you organ.

It starts with muscle spasm in the genital area quickly diffusing to all body parts. It never crosses my mind exactly where it happens in my being.  Whether it is inside my vagina, the G sport or at the head of pearl. Or how and when my punani is capped. I always get blinded by this moment. I have watched my partners blare stare when I m pleasing her sometimes. My feet wobble and form some jelly surface at best you feel tingly. I hve felt my toes stretching as if to release energy out of the nails.  My spine sends electrifying neurons into every fibre of my being. My body would feel like,  I have just had a trauma and shivers right up to the my brain. I swear I have seen the colours of realm. I have gone into my being and stayed there for just a moment.

 I have learn to call the best orgasmic moment a twirling and a beautiful forceful one. I also like the descent that has always left my body shivering for minutes the after, that feels like an earthquake that happens with intervals until it is silences.

I dread orgasm cos the leave me totally absolute exhausted and emotionally displaced. The worst was falling asleep and waking up too late in a day and a wrong place. The best was sleeping for a day thereafter.

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