Tuesday, 27 September 2011



We are generally a bunch of people who are stereotyped not to associate with certain words including isitabane, Pride Parade and prostitute and more. A slut is used by men mostly to demean or violate a sexual charged woman. It is also used by patriarchal society who assumes that women can’t define their sexual wants like man.  It is in that box that we lose our selves based on the belief system and the use of language to paralyze our being as women. It is in those names or words that we tend loose context and an understanding of the meaning of such. For me it will be like asking is it ok to be part of Pride?

SlutWalk is an international event as a result of an officer who said that women who dress like sluts will get raped because they looked for it. I am of the view that men think in that way of women. And yet butch lesbians still get raped dressed appropriately. As a result, women from all over the world had to go on the streets to share that they are who they are at the time dressed or dressed at all. No one has a right to take away the bodies without their permission.

I would go to those events because I am a woman, who appreciates her presents without being defined by a man. My body is mine to use to pleasure me at my own expense.  I would like for men to know that if slut is a term as described above, I can be a slut without prejudice , if they are sluts too, at my own space and time and being without fear of my slutishness  being associated with what I am, NOT.

So every year with my daughters and nieces, we will wear “appropriate” with a placard that reads. I AM A WO-MAN, LET ME BE A WHOW MAN.

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