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My Trip To Drankesberg Lesbian Camp……

My Trip To Drankesberg Lesbian Camp……
I had a wonderful, wonderful time. My gratitude goes to Bibi King, very hospitable. You would have sworn that she owns the place.  She was able to welcome us at 01H00 Saturday in the morning. She made sure we are all sorted with accommodation. I expected it to be the biggest event ever, with loads and loads of tents. I was disappointed by the turnout. Elsa the owner said this was the first Women Only Event that she has hosted. She hopes that one day there will be a bridge that divided the lesbian colors in the country. She went on to quote Steve Biko that “until we find the common ground we would have not find the bigger purpose to fight the common enemy”. She went all out in putting together the event. I doubt if it was profitable. I hope though that she does not give up yet. Nevertheless, it was a very intimate most multiracial lesbian camp in the country so far, I do lots of lesbian camps.

When camping, I normally have a list of things to take with to the camps. I learned over years that camping is about survival. You go in with basic survival kit. So it is important that you have everything well thought of including what you will be wearing and the weather possibilities to. I had a drafted list. I had the tinniest tent that I have taken with to Cape Town Lesbian Camp last year in some exclusive venue near Robertson.  You will need a torch and a locker.  I had meat, rolls, salad leaves,  coctail tomatoes, onions, spices and sauces in a cooler bag. For breakfast I brought two bowls, WheatBix  and a little sugar bowl. I also brought picnic backpack with wine glasses, plates and cutlery. I also brought a salad bowl, and serving spoons.
 On the contrary, I did not need to bring half what I took with. The place is a backpacker’s haven. I was worried though that the food might rot. Only to learn that they actually have fridges where campers can store their goods.  Most of the basic necessities are provided for, including the potjie pots. Had I known, I would have cooked up a storm. I have been told I cook the best potjie by my circles of friends.  

It makes sense why it is called the Amphitheatre Backpackers, it is in between mountains. You would swear gods above were watching lesbian theater performance below.  It lies 24kms in Bergville, just below the Drankensberg Mountains.  It also makes sense that the wind is so strong to blow the tents away. For a travelled camper, it would be important to find shelter closer to the bungalows so that the house structures protect the tents.  I picked up a good spot, cos in the morning I was waken up by a Grey Loerie cleaning its nest pertched at grassroof top of the bungalow. Not for a minute was my tent blown away. Wel,l not unless by orgasmic shakes of incidents that might have happened in there.  The owner Elsa told me that her biggest market is the international backpackers.  When I asked how the travelers find themselves at the place so far far away. Her response was Baz Bus lives Jozi and Pretoria daily to Bergville, at reasonable amount all the time.

 We had a world child called Marie Claire whose home is a bag. One tends to wonder what happened that she is always on the move. She was on her way to India and she was in Brazil before being in South Africa. I was continuously amused by her shoeless feet, wearing ankle bangles. When I later asked her what was she about. She was able to tell about her journey of being totally free and in contact with Mother Nature. I will have that as a topic for another day.

On the hired bus, it was only lesbians.  The driver Sbo and her partner , Mpho  Manaka whom I continuously called Shoki after hearing her nickname being called. Only to learn later that its actually Shorty, with whom we exchanged conversations with. We had Bonny Tshabalala and her partner. Loved her sense of humor, you will never get bored with her.  She seemed always excited to share and comment. We also  had a couple namely Brown and her partner. I was so glad I met Lesego whom I have met during the Durban Pride. She is a DJ who plays beautiful music.   And there was also another tiny beautiful creature who sat next to Lesego. I can’t remember her name. I won’t bother you with the details of how we got there; expect noting that you pass many tollgates, and few petrol stations. And we came back with Chacha, who was so so cautious about our safety that she ended up telling the driver not down it anymore.
I liked that we had a full moon. I love the romance of glowing eyes in darkness offered by Mother Nature.   In darkness, I could see the mountains shapes not far from Ladysmith, due to the moonlight and I also could see the lonesome Camel Thorn Tree.  I could not wait to come back to see it on route back home during the day.

There is a jacuzzi  at the entrance next to the bar. I did dive into the Jacuzzi almost naked, on Saturday morning with Fenix some model chick who is a chef, and the young ones. Wished my hands could do talking under the water. And I was disappointed by those who dunk and soaked their feet at our expense, whereas they should have been naked with us in the water. Only came out when it hit me that some of us might have athletic feet. Lol
On Sat, we all congregated at the pool area not far from the bar where there was buzz and interaction, under a “woman made gazebo”. I wondered how much material had to be sewn together to get it to what it turned out to be. We had some beau strip dancing and teasing the whole afternoon on Saturday. Just realized that I am gay, when I watched tis naked with the trimmest female body take out her clothes in front of sex craze lesbians. I could not help feeling hot flushes. She must be very brave.    
 I liked DJ Mbali who played contemporary afro centric acid jazz and some world music. Beautiful. We had other DJ's including  some Indian DJ who took us through memorylane on songs like "Ke ba kadi botsotso" by Micheal Jackson and  some songs like "Frikka Fella". We also had live performance from two groups. Ok, I will sound racist for a moment. Black and white female artists performed in time.  Pardon me for being black I enjoyed the African ladies who performed. Their soundtracks sounded anything in between Jill Scott and Zahara. They have a debut album.  And peeps were lucky to get their autographed CD on spot. My only challenge was the DJ timing was bad. Very Bad. We had to endure serious pain of serene pop music, that I last listened at OppiKoppie in Potcherstroom many years ago.  DJ Lesego rescued us from pained ears around 01H00, we rocked it until very early hours in the morning. I watched Dulcy graced the dancefloor. I have never seen her danced in that way. Have been wondering if it is cos she is always at work at her  Open Closet club instead of dancing.

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