Monday, 7 November 2011


Preamble: This poem is dedicated to a very special being who once crossed my life. I dont know what had possessed me when I came up with this poem. i think i had just felt like an immortal. It could be. I was transformed or I was out of my skin.  But I think I was so lost in our moment, that nothing made sense on this planet.  My feet were not touching the ground. And that what I would call a trance.

We the mortals need assurance and continuous confirmation
We need assurance and declaration
We need to show and share
We want to display
for other mortals must know how we feel
what we take home, how we take that home
yet our share of experience is a journey, by  a journalist
that we are yet to read and learn from

we the mortals are afraid to accept the gift beyond
we love what we can understand manipulate
hence we collect, own and manage what is in our space
we however know that we have a gift to share and exist beyond our space
by giving endlessly, loving unconditionally, note that today is the only gift we have every day.

we the mortals are on  the quest  to find what we can not necessary describe
that through the body we can share with other mortals
that we hardly describe as love, construed  in our terms
and minimise it to a term coined as love.

to you my dear my share of feelings can only be defined by the immortals
it is beyond the body
it is soul connection
it is the energy that describe immortal existence

We the mortals define channelling our wellbeing to other  wellbeing’s as love
i choose to define it as infinite, eternal expression of co-existence that can not  be vested in human definitions and intervention. it is limiting
I define it as pure, sheer connection of to beautiful souls with a purpose to be
it is an adventurous journey of two souls admiring that beauty of co-existence.
it is a silent feeling that we dont necessary plan to explain

i am affirming that I am mortal for now
my understanding of love is limited to sharing, wanting, being selfish, wanting and immediate gratifications AND AAAAAAHAAAAA!!!!!

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